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Welcome to

This site has been created to capture all aspects of the town of Basingstoke, in the UK. It details its history to current events, its buildings, geography and related media etc.

This site is not commercial in any way and is run, for free, by volunteers. It shows no advertisements and never will. It does not require a subscription and never will. It is open to all and for those who may need help operating or editing the wiki, there is comprehensive help provided. The site does cost money to run and contributions are always welcome, but this is strictly voluntary and you will never be directly asked for a contribution.

For any questions you may have, please the FAQ page.

Site categories

This site contains various categories and sub-categories of pages that all inter-link. Some of the main categories are listed in the table below. For a full list of categories see the categories page.

Main Categories Table
Main Category Contains
Businesses Pubs, restaurants, shops
Digital media Audio, video
Events Annual events, one-off events
Geography Maps, parishes, areas, roads
History Artifacts
Printed media Books, pamphlets, postcards
Sports Venues, events