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This is the main help page for the site.

There are 3 types of help pages:

  1. Internal help pages:
    • These are native to
    • They try to be a simple as possible while displaying as much information as is appropriate
    • These are the recommended help pages for beginner to intermediate users and contributers
  2. MediaWiki help pages (External):
  3. Wikipedia help pages (External):
    • Wikipedia is probably the most famous wiki on the Internet
    • They have comprehensive help pages on every aspect of a wiki
    • They can be quite complicated
    • They may list features not installed on
    • These help pages are often very similar to the MediaWiki help pages

Internal help pages

The following list shows links to all the internal help pages specific to These pages have been created with beginners in mind but should contain enough information up to intermediate users:

MediaWiki and Wikipedia help pages

The following table shows links to help pages from the MediaWiki and Wikipedia websites. These are only recommended for advanced users as they contain a great deal of detail and not all features listed may work on the site.

MediaWiki and Wikipedia Help Pages Table
Help Area MediaWiki
Main Help Page Link Link -
Cheatsheet - Link -
Footnotes & References - Link -
Headings & Sections - Link -
Links Link Link -
Lists (Bullet points and numbered lists) Link Link -
Markup (Wikitext / Wikicode) - Link -
Pictures & Video Link Link MediaWiki article images only
Redirects Link Link -
Tables Link Link -
Text Formatting & Headings - Link -

Note: The above table is not exhaustive and just shows the most common help areas.

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