Module:Infobox Test

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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Infobox Test/doc

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local p = {}
function p.default(frame)
	local capiunto = require 'capiunto'
	return capiunto.create( {
		top = tostring(mw.title.getCurrentTitle()),
		topStyle = 'background:#cfc;',
		bottom = frame.args["description"]; -- description
	} )
		string.format('[[File:%s|200px]]', frame.args["img_url"]), -- featured image
		frame.args["caption"] -- caption
	:addRow('URL', frame.args["url"])
	:addRow('Project Status', frame.args["project_status"])
	:addRow('Archiving Status', frame.args["archiving_status"])
	:addRow('Project Source', frame.args["project_source"])

return p